Your personal protection partners

Every day, over 2,100 employees use their expertise for the benefit of over 46,000 companies and 2.2 million protected policyholders. Our members rise to meet your expectations as closely as possible by meeting your needs, whether they are general or specific, throughout your lifetime. As we are a representative and mutualist company, the APICIL Group supports causes that are in the general interest, thus contributing to the successful progress of major social projects.

We design insurance, management, consulting and commercialisation solutions… We provide you with the assistance you need to set up your personal insurance coverage, whether you are a company, private individual or self-employed.


We have a comprehensive skill set:

INSURING: guiding, pricing and shouldering risk.

CREATING insurance solutions: tailoring insurance coverage to include assistance, prevention and support services.

ADVISING and SUPPORTING: establishing a close relationship with our clients in accordance with current regulations and changes to your personal or professional situation.

MANAGING coverage: dealing with every aspect of your insurance contracts in the back office.

DISTRIBUTING: making our offers and solutions available through different distribution and digital channels.