The APICIL group's foundations

Prevention, health, disabilities, the fight against pain: foundations acting on behalf of challenges currently faced by society.

The BTP foundation

MBTP is a partner of this Foundation, which acts for the prevention of professional risk, inter-generational solidarity, the promotion of professions and the fight against social exclusion.

The Handicap & Société endowment fund

Created and supervised by Mutuelle Intégrance, this fund works to improve the situation of disabled people in two ways: sponsorship through support for non-profit and cultural projects, including job search; and political action and research. (APICIL is a founding member

Gresham Foundation

Helps disabled children and adolescents, mainly by providing support for projects led by non-profit organisations that are selected for their innovative approach, encouraging diversity and activities involving both non-disabled children and children with specific needs.

APICIL Foundation

The APICIL Foundation participates in the fight against pain by engaging with patients, those around them and healthcare professionals. In 2017, the group celebrated its 1,000th financed project.

Foundations supported by the APICIL Group

The Hospices Civils de Lyon Foundation

The HCL Foundation works to improve reception and comfort in the hospital, to accelerate research and innovation projects, and to provide support for patients and those around them.

The France Répit Foundation

APICIL is a financial partner of this foundation, which develops an innovative approach to respite through Respite Homes and regional programmes to support helpers.